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Business Strategies
This track is aimed at business owners, executives, and senior management looking for actionable advice for successful business management, sustainability, culture, and continuity. 
Examples: Sustainability, globalization, the new business climate, risk management, management systems, business continuity, emergency response, security, process and performance improvement, organizational behavior and effectiveness.
BWC Liaisons: Julie Reynolds and Jeff Dymond

Innovation and Technology
This track offers insight on emerging trends and technologies expected to shape the future of environmental health and safety. Sessions might also be selected for highly technical industries within this track.
Examples: Innovative and disruptive technologies, research, engineering, forward-thinking strategies, leading indicators, augmented and virtual reality, engineering, exoskeletons, robotics, oil and gas safety. 
BWC Liaisons: Cindy Cooper and Sarah Ghezzi

Governance and Regulatory
This track provides an understanding of EHS regulatory and business policies necessary for effective environmental, health, and safety programs.
Examples: Federal, state, and local legislation, legal compliance, program and policy development and implementation, policy and regulatory compliance, injury prevention, audits, ISO 14001, measurements, reviews, and reporting.
BWC Liaisons: Deb Bailey, Lisa Houston, and Lisa Justice 

Professional Development
This track is designed for individuals seeking personal and professional growth and skills development. Sessions should focus career growth of EHS professionals and other related fields. 
Examples: Leadership, interpersonal communication, engagement, collaboration, conflict resolution, mentorship, building positive relationships, diversity and inclusion, equality, ethics, human performance, best practices in safety training. 
BWC Liaisons: Cari Gray and Ben Smigielski

Workers’ Compensation
This track explains how Ohio workers' compensation helps injured workers and employers cope with workplace injuries. 
Examples: Ohio workers’ compensation coverage, drug-free safety, rate calculations, rebate programs, managing claims, and controlling claim costs.
BWC Liaisons: Jennifer Delaserda, Chris Kolmer, and Jerry Anderson

Total Worker Health (New for 2023)
This track encompasses all topics relevant to worker wellbeing and a healthy work environment, including physical, mental, and behavioral health and wellness.
Examples: Total worker health, ergonomics and biomechanics, occupational medicine, rehabilitation, wellness programs and policy, health risk, employee assistance programs, diversity/inclusion, culture and organizational impact.
BWC Liaisons: Kelly Clayton-Ott and Tiffany Reynolds

Construction Safety (New for 2023)
This track encompasses all topics relevant to commercial and residential construction. 
Examples: Scaffolding, trenching, fall protection, heavy machinery, skid steer safety, hexavalent chromium, and multi-employer workplace safety. 
BWC Liaisons: Ben Hissam, Tracy Thompson, and Randy Brown

Manufacturing Safety (New for 2023)
This track encompasses all topics relevant to industrial manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Sessions should be selected from typical relevant topics such as machine guarding to areas of chemical safety and transportation issues.
Examples: Hazard communication, machine guarding, chemical production, process safety management, NFPA70E requirements,  and powered industrial trucks. 
BWC Liaisons: Tim Rittgers and Rick Maj

Government Employee Safety (New for 2023)
This track encompasses all topics most relevant to federal, state, municipal, public schools, and university employee injury prevention. Sessions might be specific to government employees only, or be focused in areas of safety where government work occurs that results in noteworthy illnesses, injuries, and fatalities. 
Examples: Understanding PERRP, traffic control, trenching, crisis prevention, 
BWC Liaisons: Kim Mitchem and Bruce Loughner

Safety Management Systems and Engineering Controls (New for 2023)
This track encompasses all topics relevant to structured, company-wide processes providing risk-based decision-making for daily business functions. Sessions might be specific on safety systems or just a single element or process of typical safety systems, such as focusing on safety culture. 
Examples: ANSI Z10, behavior-based safety, measuring safety performance, hazard recognition/abatement, PDCA cycle, ISO 45001-2018, and OHSA safety and health management systems.
BWC Liaisons: Nic Coia, Ben Moore, and Susan Shamis

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