Hotel Accommodations Now Open

BWC arranges a selection of reduced-rate Columbus hotel rooms for OSC23® attendees.
NEW this year, we have partnered with the reservation booking site powered by Experience Columbus. Click on
here to view the map of the Columbus hotels we are offering at a reduced rate. We anticipate hotels to sell out quickly and highly encourage you to book early for the best selection and rates. 

The Housing Bureau, Experience Columbus, is the only official housing agent for OSC23®.

Experience Columbus is using the Passkey booking tool to manage all reservations.


Individual Reservations

Book individual reservations for up to 9 rooms.


Group Reservations

Request a group block if you require 10 or more rooms on a single night by sending an email to


Warning About Housing Scams

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC)® as the owner and producer of OSC has designated the Housing Bureau, Experience Columbus as the ONLY official housing agent for OSC23®.

Although other hotel resellers or agents posing as official OSC vendors may contact you offering discounted hotel rates, they are NOT endorsed by or affiliated with OSC in any capacity. We encourage you to work with the Housing Bureau, Experience Columbus as the OSC official housing agent and cannot guarantee or certify the legitimacy of other unofficial vendors.

For your own protection, we ask that you exercise caution when making hotel arrangements. Hotel resellers or housing scammers frequently pose as official vendors offering websites and email addresses imitating OSC. They are NOT affiliated with OSC in any way. Entering into financial agreements with such companies could have costly consequences.

If you choose to work with an unofficial vendor, we strongly encourage you to verify their credentials before doing business with them, and then independently confirm that your reservations have in fact been made and will be honored by directly contacting your chosen hotel, airline and/or rental car company.

Please be sure you are booking hotel reservations directly through the Housing Bureau, Experience Columbus links on this page or directly with a specific hotel to avoid being subject to housing scams.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact



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